Tryvium Desk for FreshdeskTryvium Desk for Freshdesk

Tryvium Desk powers up your Freshdesk customer support agents in collaboration with Skype for Business. Tryvium Desk brings you the value added integration within the Freshdesk customer support management tool to increase the agent productivity and to handle calls without switching multiple windows. Tryvium Desk rapidly reduces the agent call handling time with more focus on resolving customer problems at ease.

Tryvium Desk for Freshdesk

Tryvium   Desk CTI Freshdesk Integration

 Freshdesk-integration  Freshdesk-integration

Call Handling

Screen pop up within Freshdesk instance when the agent receives inbound or does outbound calls in Skype for Business. Automatic Caller Identification from existing Freshdesk customer profiles. Allows the agent to add new customer into the Freshdesk system in a click.

Click to Dial

The agents can initiate the outbound Skype for Business call with just a click from the Freshdesk customer or ticket page. Also, agents can look up a contact and perform outbound calls from the CTI window.

After call Update

Enables agents to work on ticket notes after their call with the customers. Agents can log their call notes for the tickets from the CTI. Tryvium Desk will automatically update the call metrics such as Call StartTime, Call EndTime, Call Duration, and Call Direction (Inbound/Outbound) as part of the ticket notes.

Call Controls

The agent can perform all Tryvium Desk call control operations such as answer, reject, hold/resume, transfer, conference within the Freshdesk tool.

Work on Ticket

Agents can view the caller’s new tickets, create tickets, search for tickets and update the tickets' notes affluently.

Multi Language Support

Support for agents on their preferred local language to work comfortably.

Connect your customers to the right agents with our smart Routing Engine


Tryvium  Desk for Freshdesk

Tryvium Desk for Freshdesk
  • Dedicated SfB Bot as a Helpdesk touch point for the Customers that understands their queries and guide them to relevant Knowledge Base articles, to submit tickets or route to an Agent.
  • Multi level visual IVR options are listed to serve the Customer better.
  • Call routing to the Right Agent based on the Customer request. Queue position and the average wait time is displayed to the Customer.
  • Caller Identification from existing Freshdesk customer profiles and displays the Customer profile along with the routing information in the Skype for Business conversation extension window of the Agent. 
  • Agent can add a new customer into the Freshdesk system in a click.
  • Agent can view the caller’s new tickets, create tickets, search for tickets and update the tickets' with the IM/Voice conversation.  
  • Agent can share the conference URL to the external participants and utilize the extended Skype for Business features of screen sharing and file sharing.

Tryvium  Desk Web Console to configure and monitor your call traffic, routing & agent productivity


Tryvium Desk Bots


Agents & Agent Groups


Chat Queues


Queue Business Hours

    Business hour

Supervisor Dashboard

    Supervisor Dashboard

IVR Support

    IVR Support



Standalone Deployment

Standalone Deployment

On Premise Deployment

On premise Deployment

Hosted Deployment

Hosted Deployment

Plans & Pricing

Tryvium Desk

  • Inbound & outbound Voice call
  • Click to Dial from Freshdesk
  • Tryvium Desk call controls
  • Create, Update Freshdesk tickets
  • Customer details lookup
  • Create new customer profile
  • Auto update voice call metrics into ticket notes
  • After Call Work configuration
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Email support during business hours

Tryvium Desk


Includes everything in Standard

  • Chat Bots with unlimited queues
  • Voice Bots
  • Multi-level chat menu configuration
  • Business Hours configuration for queues
  • Freshdesk integration in Tryvium Desk Chat window
  • Real-time dashboard for Supervisors
  • Reports
  • Voice call recording
  • Custom IVR integration*
  • PSTN call routing to Tryvium Desk agents**
  • Web Chat integration with Tryvium Desk Agents*
  • Hosted *
  • On-Premise installation
  • Integration with other ITSM/CRM systems*
  • 24 x 7 email support and phone support on-demand

* With additional cost

** PBX integration is required. Integration support at additional cost